Collage 011: Elucubrazione
I suggest listening to Enhanced Sound Collages. Beautiful sound collages worthy of the best Dadaist school! -- Leo Learchi

Artist: Aner Andros

Released: Dec 05, 2017

On: MixCloud

Format: Mixtapes

Cover by: Andrea Callea

Elucubrazione is part of ISPIRAZIONE. A series of “Enhanced Sound Collages” comprised of layers of songs, audio clips, and DSP processing, blended into a unique voyage published between 2016 and 2017.

NOTE: this one is unavailable since I can’t afford MixCloud Pro. Only 10 free playlists are allowed to a free account. Apologies.

Full Tracklist

The order of the artists and songs on the tracklist/timestamp is purely indicative of the order of appearance, it doesn’t reflect what’s really going on in the mix.

Sounds Like NoiseWilde Wide
Frank Zappaexplains the decline of the music business
LoscilBleeding Ink
Stars of the LidArticulate Silences Part 1 and 2
Jaco PastoriusPortrait of Tracy DSP’ed
CoHNight Over Peak 1079 (excerpt)
Giorgio SancristoforoTransienti Assenti
Aner AndrosOrganic Ocean
Aphex TwinI
Kangding RayNn/Peaks
Novellino/Rosi/PanicoBlack Sand
John PeelThe World Sorely Misses You
Jefferson AirplaneWhite Rabbit
Nick RolnickWakeUp
Veryan WestonMake
Y2BeOn A Smooth Record
Coil vs ELpHpHILM #1
Portsmouth SinfoniaDance of the Sugarplum Fairy
People Like UsGhosts Before Breakfast
Gina GuCastlevania SotN: Wood Carving Partita
John CleeseAnd Now For Something Completely Different
The GNU/StallmansFree Software Song