Aner Andros

Aner Andros focuses on left-field, cinematic ambient, soundscapes, sound collages, oneiric storytelling, moon musick, glitch, and sound design. Embroiderer of silence and weaver of sonic suggestions. Fond of improvisation and bespoke live shows, preserving empathy and intuition as critical factors when drawing oneiric soundscapes into stories and in the making of evocative musical voyages.

In 2012, Aner Andros succeeded CGA. On one hand, with a passage marked by a concentration on internal variety and abstractions, moving from obscure lengthy pieces to denser sound-design-focused music. On the other hand, the approach (composing with sound vs musical training) and the goals (therapy, catharsis, feelings, atmospheres, storytelling) remained true to this day, as intrinsic values, forma mentis, and modus operandi of the artist.