Gentle Wash Records

Gentle Wash Records is an independent record label, estab. in 2014 by Andrea Callea, to release his music projects.

Andrea started making electronic music in 1997, with the FT2, when he joined Mi.S.Fu. Besides their live shows, he never thought much of it. Thus, going unpublished until 2008; when he exposed what was left of his music to a random internet friend who encouraged him to publish. His music has since been praised by magazines, at festivals and in theatres, by other musicians, aired on WFMU, featured on The Wire, Resonance FM, and Future Ecologies. Self-taught and composing music by intuition, he presently publishes under two monikers with different styles:

  • Aner Andros: a left-field, darker, and more introspective aesthetic.
  • GKRGY: focusing on the rhythmic, open, and brighter, side of music.

Aner Andros modus operandi began with CGA, with a focus on using sound design as the core compositional framework, letting it dictate the flow and the structure of the pieces. An unorthodox approach where normal rules of what is tempo and groove don’t apply and can be literally substituted by soundscapes and sonic suggestions.

GKRGY has roots in Andrea’s oldest musical project. Akin to liquido, GKRGY focus is on the more approachable and the rhythmic side of music. Fulfilling creative needs and to release music complementary to Aner Andros.

Over the years Andrea has performed sporadically, with great enjoyment, and moderate but satisfactory success.

Demo Policy

Gentle Wash sole purpose is to release Andrea’s projects, thus we do not accept demos. We know the feelings and the struggle you may be in right now. Keep looking. Don’t settle. One day your music will be heard where it belongs.