Andrea Callea has been making electronic music since 1997 and he has gone unpublished from until 2008. When he first exposed what was left of his music - since he lost his tracks due to lack of backup - on IRC. Where a random internet friend encouraged him to publish.

Beforehand, he was part of Mi.S.Fu: a (defunct) multifunctional, versatile cross-media laboratory dedicated to mapping, music, 3D, arts. Where 14c0 had introduced him to the wonders of the FastTracker II and electronic music making. Andrea didn’t have a stage name and everybody called him liquido.

Besides the lives with Mi.S.Fu, Andrea never thought much of his music. He just created for the sheer pleasure. Until 2008, when CGA was born and lost tracks and old .xm was released on Jamendo.

CGA has ended around 2011, succeeded by Aner Andros. A passage marked by a concentration on internal variety and abstractions, moving from obscure lengthy pieces to denser sound design focused music.

From CGA to Aner Andros, Andrea moved from Linux and Renoise to Mac OSX and Ableton. He studied Electronic Music Production at SAE Institute of Milan to attempt to become a musician full time. He also thought that changing his approach towards his releases and going with a label and typically copyrighted music was a necessary step. Setting aside his profound convictions of the Copyleft philosophy he had thus far fully embraced and lived. However, his ethos and beliefs never changed.