Collage 007: Zelo
I suggest listening to Enhanced Sound Collages. Beautiful sound collages worthy of the best Dadaist school! -- Leo Learchi

Artist: Aner Andros

Released: Apr 18, 2017

On: MixCloud

Format: Mixtapes

Cover by: Carol Rollo

Zelo is part of ISPIRAZIONE. A series of “Enhanced Sound Collages” comprised of layers of songs, audio clips, and DSP processing, blended into a unique voyage published between 2016 and 2017.

Full Tracklist

The order of the artists and songs on the tracklist/timestamp is purely indicative of the order of appearance, it doesn’t reflect what’s really going on in the mix.

AreaLuglio, Agosto, Settembre (nero) Intro
Wolfrede GubangungAchtung
ÁrstíðirHeyr himna smiður
The DoorsRaiders on the Storm
KytecrashSojourner DSP’ed
Sine20 to 20K
Karmetik OrchestraTari Topeng Dalem Arsa Wijaya DSP’ed
Yann TomitaDoopee Time extract
Agnes ObelGolden Green
LordeNo Better DSP’ed
Gene WilderWe are the Music Makers
Asa-Chang & JunrayHana
Abstract PatternsHypnotic Meditation
Kenji KawaiGhost in The Shell theme
Aner AndrosOde by Arthur O’Shaughnessy
John CleeseAnd Now For Something Completely Different