Gentle Wash Records

Gentle Wash Records is an independent record label, Estd. 2012 by Andrea Callea, to release his currently active solo music projects:

Previous projects that may be re-released on Gentle Wash Records catalog, at some point:

Gentle Wash Records music used to proudly be distributed via The State51 Conspiracy, and was available on the majority of digital outlets. However, one day we had enough of all the exploitation and unfairness of the outlets.

Thus, Gentle Wash Records music is solely available on Bandcamp. At least until EPIC keeps the Bandcamp spirit.

Note: catalog removal from all other outlets should be effective on the 12th of January 2023.

Demo Policy

Gentle Wash Records does not accept demos. We know the feelings and the struggle you may be in right now. Keep looking. One day your music will be heard where it belongs.