Purr WFMU Airtime

Purr Elise from A Collection of Pleasantries, Nonsense, and Chitter-Chatter was aired on WFMU!!! As an long-time listener and as a musician, I’m flattered and extremely honoured. Here you can find the details.

If you don’t know WFMU yet, it is THE best radio on the planet. Hands down. WFMU is a haven for our inner weirdo. Freeform in its purest and most liberated way. No chains. No blame. All sorts of misfits call WFMU home. The program schedule is so vast and the music so diverse that every type of soul finds their show, their place, and their community.

WFMU is 100% listener-supported. No ads. No majors. No AI. No external influences. No one has a say in it to dictate what goes on. As a listener-supported radio, WFMU runs marathons and accepts donations to pay the bills. Tune in. Support. Pledge. We are waiting for you. Come and listen to what paradise sounds like.

If you don’t yet listen to WFMU, make sure you correct this mistake. It will improve your quality of life. Promise.

Track “Purr Elise” was aired on Bad Animals


Posted On: 2023-08-14

Tags: #WFMU #GKRGY #Airtime