Collage 004: Indipendenza
I suggest listening to Enhanced Sound Collages. Beautiful sound collages worthy of the best Dadaist school! -- Leo Learchi

Artist: Aner Andros

Released: Nov 14, 2016

On: MixCloud

Format: Mixtapes

Cover by: Andrea Callea

Indipendenza is part of ISPIRAZIONE. A series of “Enhanced Sound Collages” comprised of layers of songs, audio clips, and DSP processing, blended into a unique voyage published between 2016 and 2017.

Full Tracklist

The order of the artists and songs on the tracklist/timestamp is purely indicative of the order of appearance, it doesn’t reflect what’s really going on in the mix.

Leonard CohenGod is Alive, Magic is Afoot
Aner Andros#02
LessNullvoidSlime Mould Music
Pillars of Wisdom)Prof Alan Williams
People Like UsNothing
Scala and Kolachny BrothersHeroes
Peter GabrielHeroes
David Bowie & Philipp GlassHeroes (Apex Twin Remix)
Myriam 1
CoH + Cosey Fanny tutticloser
Myriam BleauSoft Revolvers
Tristan MusikgearTH-0 Folktek Ambient Session
Aner AndrosU6 (Inedito)
Modular DiaryLullaby
Isacco VasapolloPicnic
Diego StoccoStreamsonic
John CleeseAnd Now For Something Completely Different
Psychic TVThe Orchids