Embroidering on Silence - Series

Imagine silence as the main weft. On which I weave shades, soundscapes, and sonic suggestions that constitute an audible warp. The non-played sounds are part, first and foremost, of the silence itself and then become part of the experience for, and of, the listener.

In The Listening Book, William A. Mathieu debates on listening with accessible topics and anecdotes. Designed to educate the readers to re-learn listening and to return to play with the environment around us, aurally. The moral the book carries is simple: he invites us to open our ears and keep them open, to listen, at all times. While you are taking a shower or as you walk. The environment that surrounds us, in which we are, it is full of sounds. These sounds are an intrinsic part of our auditory experience. We are, at the same time, upholders and beneficiaries. We are part of it, regardless of our appreciation of it, whether we are conscious or not.

A quote from Coil, (on a Time Machines t-shirt Peter Christopherson gifted to me), summarises this best:

Artifacts generated by your listening environment are an intrinsic part of the experience.

Embroidering on Silence and the sentient listening experience proposed by the author, may seem in opposition by nature. The former requires the silence as part of the experience, as its very theme and as a carrier. The latter invites us to an extreme attention to the sounds that surround us constantly. Therefore I would like to invite you to listen to this series relying on the same silence that associates my compositions and your very own way to be part of it. Your own attention to the sound. To interpret the silence in a personal way, and oppose your personal embroidery to mine. You are an integral part of the experience.