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Eclectic non-musician and producer of cinematic ambient, avant-garde, left-field, and softronica. Fond of improvisation, of the studio as an instrument and of meticulously prepared live shows; while preserving empathy and intuition as critical factors when drawing oneiric soundscapes into a story, in the making of musical voyages. VFS Alumni. Sound Design for Visual Media graduate.

Member of Mi.S.Fu and Sleep Collective: a multifunctional, versatile cross-media laboratory dedicated to mapping, music, 3D, arts; and a collective consisting of talents that had given rise to various Sleep Concert in different locations and with different line-ups.

Formerly based in Bristol, UK, Aner Andros has performed at the Cube Cinema Plex and have collaborated with Parallel Madness. Also noteworthy are the live shows at Crux Events in London and the Cronosfera Festival in Italy.

Discography Released Catalogue Format
Artefacts and Sonic Brushstrokes 2017 GWR0003 EP
Liminal Tales 2016 GWR0002 Album
Embroidering on Silence Vol. I 2015 GWR0001 EP
Remap Ethos Stream 2015 GWR0000 Album
More Music Released On Format
Enhanced Sound Collages 2017 Mixcloud Mixes
Enkefalina (Aner Andros Remix) 2017 Nomad Records Remix