What if We were Wrong?
taking the listener to travel through his dream in an hypnotic session to life

Artist: CGA

Released: August 25, 2011

Catalog: GWR0010

Format: Album

Cover by: Andrea Callea

What if We were Wrong? is a theatrical piece comprised of three acts:

  1. In an hypnotic session, the protagonist is taken through the meanders of his mind. At first, things are chaotic and kinda scary. Feeling suddenly at peace, the protagonist begins introspective explorations in a dream.
  2. Arriving at a pond, the protagonist is confronted by someone else. Until he realises that he’s having a conversation with his own conscience. At first. When one becomes the other, and vice-versa, dissolving boundaries and exchanging places travelling in a lysergic trip, until the magic begins.
  3. The counterpoint signifies the protagonist rebirth. Symbolised by a woman giving birth: the pain, the crying newborn, and the angelic choir watching over. Until the final relief.


In the making of What if We were Wrong?, the following samples were used under a Creative Commons CC-BY or CC-0 license: