We've Met Again
A romantic song from 2012. Finally making sense in 2023.

Artist: GKRGY

Released: June 24, 2023

Catalog: GWR0021

Format: Single

Cover by: Andrea Callea

Now that I see you again,

oh dear baby, here to stay.

You know, baby I Love You.

Would you please take my hand,

now that we’ve met again?

Never to part away.

Please don’t let me fade away.

Take this hand, and we walk the way.

Baby, you hear my praise.

Now this world can be complete,

we’re together on the scene.

Baby, you play with me.

Now together we’ll get there,

to perform with every cell.

Baby, we’ve joined again.

See it through and let it be,

this is more than just a dream.

Baby, we’re flying high.