What if We were Wrong?
taking the listener to travel through his dream in an hypnotic session to life

Artist: CGA

Released: Aug 25, 2011

Catalog: GWR0010

Format: Album

Cover by: Andrea Callea

What if We were Wrong? is a theatrical piece comprised of three acts:

  1. In an hypnotic session, the protagonist is taken through the meanders of his mind. At first, things are chaotic and kinda scary. Feeling suddenly at peace, the protagonist begins introspective explorations in a dream.
  2. Arriving at a pond, the protagonist is confronted by someone else. He realises he’s having a conversation with his conscience. One becomes the other, boundaries dissolve. The magic begins.
  3. The counterpoint takes the protagonist to rebirth. Symbolised by the pain, the crying newborn and mom. The angelic choir watching over. The final relief.


In the making of What if We were Wrong?, the following samples were used under a Creative Commons CC-BY or CC-0 license: